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Spin to uni is THE NICEST THING EVER thank you citymapper; wisteria/Islington property heaven/garden snooping galore (@kalyndobbs by the time you’re back I won’t need to tattoo myself/have a piece of paper sellotaped to my handlebars 💕) (at London Borough of Islington)
tea by the bowlful/I’m a banana mama/dreamy commute route
at Creperie du Monde
Evening spin to the soon-to-be tyre-swing-swimming spot (too busy bruisey bicycle chain oily tights-laddery h a p p y for the world wide web:I’m taking proper pictures again, I’m in love with my friends. Gratitude-drunk-public-service-anouncement-over-and-out)
Territorial beverage guard/fave corner shop (at Chatsworth Road)
Nettle pasta with homemade rocket pesto and carrot&citrus etc juice
Espresso alchemist with L plates (just causing caffeiney mayhem) ☕️💀 (at Shoreditch Grind)
at Abney Park Cemetery
Keep waking up at 6
Unashamed shelfie part 1
The first of many rose lemonade roof picnics (E5 life is leaving my face sore from grinning so hard)
Cycling to Ridley road takes three times as long as it should 📷
Aladdin lemon lamp, beet regeneration, blood oranges and the prettiest paper wrapper
Himalayan pink salt, a book about Volcanoes given to someone 100 years before I was born, saucers too nice to get soily, cashew nut butter and the BEST E5 bakery rye courteousy of @j0eskilt0n 🍞💕
200 million year old split ammonite, 100 million year old fossilised sponge, heart of a tree, elephants I have found via gutter serendipity etc
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