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"using her fists in a scientific fashion, to the delight of several colliers who were passing."
The way we use the Internet today generally reinforces normative gender roles (with minor yet notable exceptions). Despite the web’s potential as a platform for political organization and knowledge exchange, the numbers are clear in Comscore’s report: women equal online purchasing power, as per their traditional role as household consumers, and besides buying cosmetics, clothes, and coupons, we women spend more time than men on community-building websites trading social information. These activities are easily equated to the affective labor of reproducing subjectivities and family-based networks that both second-wave feminists (in particular socialist feminists) were so intent on re-defining….
How the feminist internet utopia failed, and we ended up with speculative realism (thanks Milo!!!)
The original Iron Maiden was a medieval German instrument of torture, a body-shaped casket painted with the limbs and features of a lovely, smiling young woman. The unlucky victim was slowly enclosed inside her; the lid fell shut to immobilize the victim, who died either of starvation or, less cruelly, of the metal spikes embedded in her interior. The modern hallucination in which women are trapped or trap themselves is similarly rigid, cruel, and euphemistically painted. Contemporary culture directs attention to imagery of the Iron Maiden, while censoring real women’s faces and bodies
— from The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf (cannot recommend highly enough if you feel like your outrage at society/the media, male priveleige  etc doesn’t have enough political and economic grounding. Made me abandon the idea of being able to articulate anything better myself and feel pretty livid and futile plus receive considerable backlash from any boy who saw me reading it, proving my point that it should be curriculum material) 
With a world steeped in liquor, with the top
parts of men’s brains numbed and partly
atrophied and the principal activities thrown
upon the base of the brain, it was inevitable that
the bridging of space and the improving of
transportation should have brought, as it did, a
swift growth of armaments and militarism, and
the hurrying on of economic rivalries and trade
wars until the world became a collection of vast
military camps. When war finally broke it was
almost inevitable that it should spread to the
ends of the earth. It was inevitable that a
thoroughly alcoholized nation should turn all
the forces of nature to the purposes of destruc-
tion, that the philosophy of might should assert
itself…should reappear on the
earth with the policies of ruthlessness and
wanton destruction characteristic of past bar-
baric ages.

—  Alcohol and the human race, Richmond Hobson
He saw businessmen trading, princes going to the hunt, mourners weeping over their dead, prostitutes offering themselves, doctors attending the sick, priests deciding the day for sowing, lovers making love, mothers soothing their children - and all were not worth a passing glance, everything lied, stank of lies; they were all illusions of sense, happiness and beauty. All were doomed to decay. The world tasted bitter. Life was pain… He saw people living in a childish or animal like way, which he both loved and despised. He saw them toiling, saw them suffer and go grey about things that to him did not seem worth the price, for money, small pleasures and trivial honours. He saw them scold and hurt each other, he saw them lament over pains at which the Samana laughs, and suffer at deprivations that the Samana does not feel.
— from Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse
Most delicious courgette flower stuffed with sweet potato and pine nuts with puy lentil basil salsa and garlic lemon aioli (a certain someone said this was too phallic to post but get yo mind outta the gutter) 
 (at The Gate Vegetarian Restaurant)
Japanese rolls (smoked tofu shiitake red pepper wraps with wasabi miso and pickled ginger) (at The Gate Vegetarian Restaurant)
FLIPPING delicious (sugar free, herbivore friendly, high protein, wholemeal) pancakes, nutmeg blackberry & mint white tea and a six hour rant with the best fellow veg enthusiast.
at Hatch - Homerton
 (at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden)
at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden
Disco greenhouse!! (Good grief how have I never been to this place before?!? A* reading spot) (at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden)
A pretty tolerable way to ease into the horror of consciousness is a pool side yoga lesson > underwater acrobatics (at London Fields Lido)
We are the flowers in your dustbin
(from Derek Ridgers’ ‘London Youth 78-87’)
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