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Dinner party prep @maisiecousins
Eating apples off the tree/living the Stoke Newington dream
Our heads hang in shame when we hear about rapes. Why can’t we prevent this? When a daughter steps out, parents demand to know where she’s going. But when a son returns home, does anyone dare ask where he is coming from? He might have been with the wrong people, doing wrong things. After all, a person raping is someone’s son. Why don’t parents apply the same yardstick of good behaviour for their sons as for their daughters?
— Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, used his first Independence Day speech to call on parents to take responsibility for the actions of their sons, saying the country is shamed by sexual violence.  (via guardian)

(Source:, via guardian)

Good morning!! Look who just opened, fingers crossed for some passion fruits!
Beat up a boy (only kidding,  Mr Winter has an impressive bicycle injury, no boys were harmed in the making of this post)
Magic potion I slurped earlier featuring Peruvian roots that Incas used to eat before battle, hemp, chia, proper almond milk, raw cacao etc (all hail healthy fats and protein) (at The Juice Well)
"Don’t cry" (crazy Piccadilly sunset earlier) (at Piccadilly Circus)
Exhibit five is having twins!!
Nearly got decapitated by the 38 for this one
By Natalya Lobanova
(meteor shower tonight! Never seen a trace of it -_- thanks LDN light pollution)
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